Large scale video database for human faces

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As part of our latest research work, we have collected and processed one large database, coined 2MF^2. Our dataset includes over 19 million frames of human faces (over 11 thousand videos in total).

Each clip is cropped from a longer video; each clip consists of 500-4,000 frames. Along with each frame, we provide an (automatically obtained) sparse shape of the face (annotated with the popular 68 markup).

A video with indicative frames from several thousand clips is visualized below:

The dataset is provided strictly for academic use. That is, any type of commercial applications are not allowed; please refer to Youtube license for further details.

To obtain access to the database, please follow the instructions mailed back from our gmail account: 2mf2.db[at].

The dataset is described in details in the following publication: “Motion deblurring of faces”, GG Chrysos, P Favaro, S Zafeiriou, International Journal of Computer Vision