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Large scale video database for human faces

less than 1 minute read


As part of our latest research work, we have collected and processed one large database, coined 2MF^2. Our dataset includes over 19 million frames of human faces (over 11 thousand videos in total).


Review on online VAE tutorials

4 minute read


Instead of creating another tutorial about Variational Autoencoders (VAE), I will share my experience on the parts that introduced me to the topic.


Simple classifier is-face or not

1 minute read


This post is devoted to constructing a simple binary classifier from scratch. A classifier is a tool that enables the algorithm to categorise different objects in their respective ‘class’. A binary classifier is a classifier with two categories, e.g. is this animal cat or dog?

Links for the history of Machine Learning

2 minute read


While preparing for a seminar of the EESTech Challenge (official site, EESTEC news), it required a while to find some reliable sources for the history of Machine Learning. Even though Machine Learning has become a buzzword recently, there are surprisingly scarce material on its history, so I will share these references here accompanied with few comments.